At Sparrowhatch Forestry our consultancy is split into 2 areas;

Forestry and Woodlands

All Forestry consultancy is undertaken by David Abbott (FsSc Forestry), David has a wealth of experience writing management plans for a diverse selection of woodlands from small woodland owners requiring a plan to help them with the tasks required in their woodland to large commercial estates requiring timber measurement, harvesting and marketing.

Most woodland projects will fall into one of the following category’s, and many will combine all three.

  • Woodland managed for habitat and biodiversity
  • Woodland managed for commercial returns
  • Woodland managed for sporting or amenities

    Scots Pine plantation measured before thinning

At Sparrowhatch Forestry we are well versed in managing woodland with the above objectives in mind and would be happy to talk though how we can help with your requirements.





Our Arboricultural consultancy is split between two consultants depending on the requirements:

Tree inspection – Where tree condition and faults need to be assessed for health and safety and insurance purposes. all reports come with recommendations for how tree stock should be managed.

Tree Reports for Building and Construction – Where new buildings are being planned the sites must be assessed for tree stock both on and off site that may be damaged by the proposed developments. Our Arboricultural reports are competed in line with British Standards BS5837:2012.

BS5837:2012 Arboriculture Report

Mapping and Measuring Tools for Forestry