Forestry and Woodland Management

Introduction to Woodland Management

Woodlands range from native Oak and Ash woodlands, to coniferous forests consisting mainly of introduced tree species planted for timber production. Woodlands can be managed to promote commercial timber production, game, conservation and recreation, or any combination of these. The emphasis in any individual wood will depend on the priorities of the current woodland owner or manager. A woodland may experience many changes over its lifetime as a result of changing management and aims.

Our main woodland management aim and experience is centered around the principles of sustainable forestry and woodland management and improving the productivity and ecological significance of the site.

Our policy is to sustain woodlands by using modern techniques to increase the productive life span of woodlands and their habitats. We aim to conserve wildlife and increase bio-diversity by carefully planned woodland management procedures.

We work with private woodland owners, local and district councils and wildlife and conservation groups.

We offer a wide range of contracting and consultancy services for woodland management. These include:

  • Woodland Planting
  • Track and ride Clearance and Creation
  • Purchase of Standing Timber
  • Coppicing,Thinning and Clear Felling
  • Clearing Rhododendron, Laurel and other unwanted or invasive species
  • Installation of Gates and Fencing
  • Footpath Creation and Maintenance
  • Pond Creation, Ditch Clearance and Creation
  • Pest and Wildlife Management
  • Habitat Creation, Maintenance and Management
  • Permanent or temporary HGV and machine access

    Stacked timber harvested and ready for collection

8 Wheeled timber forwarder extracting wood in Nutley, Sussex

Site clear felled to be replanted with native broadleaves

Oak Sawlogs, Harvested, Extracted and marketed for a local estate.